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Psychotherapy in Inverness, Highlands

Psychotherapy is similar to counselling but works at a deeper level and is often a longer-term process.

Our psychotherapists will help you explore patterns and themes in your life and how they link to a range of things about you and your personality. Examples of these include: how you grew up, some of the challenges you have faced in life and the ways in which you may have learned to cope with difficulties. The aim is to understand the underlying causes of what is going wrong, so you can develop alternative ways of thinking and behaving.

The process and the therapist

The psychotherapy process can sometimes involve a year (or more) of regular meetings with a psychotherapist or psychologist. There are many different styles and ways of working. Some practitioners may take quite an active, friendly approach while others will appear more detached and analytical (often termed ‘psychodynamic’ or ‘psychoanalytical’). It is important to find the right match for you.

Is it for me?

Although some people feel psychotherapy is the right thing for them at the outset and begin with the intention of seeing someone regularly for a reasonably long period, others continue on into psychotherapy after a shorter period of counselling. It is quite usual to continue working with the same practitioner in such circumstances, as most experienced practitioners are comfortable offering counselling and psychotherapy.

No psychotherapy couches here!

Psychotherapy has historically been associated with lying on a couch speaking to a largely silent practitioner. None of our practitioners at First Psychology work in this way. You will sit on a comfortable chair facing your practitioner, so the whole process is much less daunting and more accessible than you may have imagined.

More details

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