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19 Jan 2017

Don't give up on giving up!

If you resolved to give up smoking, drinking, unhealthy food, habits, etc this January...

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10 Jan 2017

Keeping your relationship on track

January is a bleak month for many reasons - poor weather, not much daylight,...

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09 Jan 2017

Coaching to achieve your goals

At this time of year, people often think about self-improvement and how they can...

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04 Jan 2017

New Year - New You! Find out how to achieve your goals!

We're 4 days into the New Year and most of us will still be...

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25 Dec 2016

25 December: Take some exercise together

Make sure you get some exercise today. A brisk walk with the family will...

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24 Dec 2016

24 December: Take time out alone to chill

Christmas Eve can often be frantic, especially if you have friends or family staying...

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23 Dec 2016

23 December: Pace yourself to stay safe

Work night out tonight? Today is officially known as Mad Friday - the last...

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22 Dec 2016

22 December: Take mindfulness to your beds

Getting ready for family coming to stay over the holiday period? Why not apply...

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21 Dec 2016

21 December: Stock up on daylight

Today is the shortest day of the year. If you feel your mood dips...

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20 Dec 2016

20 December: Take a mindful shower

Take a mindful shower today and help yourself unwind. 

If you've ever felt...

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19 Dec 2016

19 December: Create new traditions

School's out this week! A bit more time to spend with the kids means...

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18 Dec 2016

18 December: Schedule time with your partner

Work parties and socialising with family and friends can leave little time for you...

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17 Dec 2016

17 December: Don't panic! You can do it all!

Don't panic! You CAN do it all! Don't feel you have to do everything...

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16 Dec 2016

16 December: Build relaxation into your day

Most of us know that relaxation makes us feel better and more in control....

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15 Dec 2016

15 December: Tell us your favourite wellness tip - competition!

Day 15 of our health and wellbeing tips and we thought we'd throw in...

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13 Dec 2016

13 December: Make socialising a pleasure

The party season is in full swing. Are you a party animal or do...

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12 Dec 2016

12 December: Help your kids get mindful

As the festive season gears up, kids can get overwhelmed with excitement. Help your...

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11 Dec 2016

11 December: Take a balanced approach to drinking

Remember to take a balanced approach to drinking alcohol. Give your body a rest...

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10 Dec 2016

10 December: Eat mindfully to prevent over-indulgence

Worried about over-indulging this Christmas? All those buffets with tasty food, meals out and...

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09 Dec 2016

9 December: Remember to pick the low-hanging fruit

Feeling overwhelmed by all the jobs on your to-do list? Take stock of where...

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08 Dec 2016

8 December: Practise body and breathe meditation

Now you have been practising mindful breathing for a week, you should be ready...

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07 Dec 2016

7 December: Continue to eat well!

As social engagements begin to increase, so can unhealthy eating. Try to balance your...

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06 Dec 2016

6 December: Draw up a to-do list

Now is a good time to draw up a to-do list to keep yourself...

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05 Dec 2016

5 December: Make way for the new

Take some time to clear the clutter this Christmas. Aim to clear one area...

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04 Dec 2016

4 December: Do you know how to relax? Competition!

Keep on top of stress! Learning how to relax is a vital part of...

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03 Dec 2016

3 December: Learn the art of giving

Buying the perfect gift can be hard, but did you know that the act...

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02 Dec 2016

2 December: It's time to start planning

It's the second day of December and time to make plans if you haven't...

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01 Dec 2016

1 December: Why not aim to be more mindful?

Today is the first day of our advent calendar of tips, articles and a...

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17 Nov 2016

Family stress at Christmas - a survival guide!

Time and date: 7-8pm, Monday 12 December 2016
Cost: FREE
Presented by: Professor Ewan...

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02 Nov 2016

National Stress Awareness Day

Today is National Stress Awareness Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness of stress...

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10 Oct 2016

OCD awareness week

This week is OCD Awareness Week, a week designed to raise awareness of Obsessive...

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07 Jun 2016

Why men and therapy do mix!

As father’s day approaches later this month, we found ourselves wondering why this day...

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25 Apr 2016

Got exam stress? Find out how to manage it!

As exam season approaches, First Psychology has once again run its popular webinar ‘Building...

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